Our story

What we believe in 

At Candalin we believe every candle ignites courage, power, and creativity.

Our brand focuses on supporting the victims of everyday sexism and sexual harassment. What saddens us is that women are being targeted everywhere they go, from schools to homes.  As so many women are overseen or unheard because they may be ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too dramatic’ and just ‘asking for attention’.

We have crafted our brand to give every woman a unique experience when lighting our Candle. Every scent has a motivating message behind it, to raise awareness and remind women they are influential, strong and courageous.

To support vulnerable women and girls this year we have chosen to work with Rape Crisis and donate 2% of every sale to end sexual harassment and any form of sexual abuse.  Women have been underrepresented in many sectors and it is our aim to inspire them to feel valued in all walks of life through our brand.


Meet the founder 

Priyanka is a British born Indian who started her business in the hope of reigniting the lost power within women and girls.

Priyanka graduated with a first-class honour in Law, she has always been passionate about equality and justice. She began working in the legal field and that did not suffice, she wanted to do more with her vision. She then began a career in teaching secondary students and fell in love with being able to inspire so many young children. While teaching she founded a Women Empowerment group and helped young girls voice their opinions and thoughts about sexism and sexual harassments in schools. The shocking behaviour of so many other students left her heartbroken and she saw a huge gap in knowledge.

“It is concerning seeing a society where even young girls are being objectified by their peers. They shouldn't feel vulnerable and scared to speak up" - Priyanka

With her love for candles and her admirable legal and teaching experience combined CANDALIN was born. Today, she is on a robust journey to keep encouraging and supporting women and girls stand together and fight abundantly for their integrity and respect. 

So, she is inviting you to help rewrite the narrative and challenge the ignorant. Together, we can build a safe and secure society for young girls and women.

"My vision may not be the conventional idea of a business for my south Asian family, but it most definitely feels right" – Priyanka


With love,